Matt Cooper Photography: Blog en-us (C) Matt Cooper Photography (Matt Cooper Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:38:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:38:00 GMT Matt Cooper Photography: Blog 120 90 Photographing Dubai...The city at the end of the world. Dubai is a very impressive place - love it or hate it you cannot deny this.


An amazing city to photograph where the architecture is things that George Lucas used to dream up 40 years ago and would sit well on the set of a Star Wars movie as well as it does in the middle of the desert.

Dubai SkylineDubai Skyline Dubai sunriseDubai sunrise

   The view from the top of the Shangri-la hotel Dubai.    Internet City in Dubai at sunrise.

You can't do a blog on Dubai without mentioning the heat....I was there in September and the heat a was crazy 40 degrees and humid, I was soaked through with sweat if I was outside - day or night, end of story (the 5* hotel I was in had a great pool which helped alot!) You have to bear this in mind if you ever plan to go...during the winter months the weather is more bearable (or so I've heard).

Dubai reflectionDubai reflection Dubai Marina at sunriseDubai Marina at sunrise

    Looking down...from a marina hotel.                   Hotels from the marina at sunrise.

it's a very hospitable place and the service is excellent everywhere.


The desert isn't far and Al Madam, featured in the pictures below is a great place to photograph.

Al Madam Window.Al Madam Window. Al Madam in The Dubai desertAl Madam in The Dubai desert

The Palm from The Pointe, DubaiThe Palm from The Pointe, Dubai

   The Palm Hotel taken from The Pointe in Dubai.

Mercedes at Meydan Bridge, Dubai/SunsetMercedes at Meydan Bridge, Dubai/Sunset

    Meydan Bridge, Dubai.

Dubai MarinaDubai Marina GSGS

   Dubai Marina just after sunrise.                                                                  The city at night.


All images taken in September 2019 with the Hasselblad X1D or Nikon D850.

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Istanbul in June Istanbul

I didn't really know what to expect from my week in Istanbul - I like to travel and add to my photography portfolio and picked Istanbul on a whim. On arrival in the city you quickly realise you are in a very different place to most cities I go is raw, noisy, beautiful and suprisingly cheap. I had a nice hotel in the old town that did the job very nicely and uber's to my photographic destinations did the job (until Uber was banned 2 days before I left!)

               View from the Seven Hills Hotel right next to the Blue Mosque:                                           Hagia Sophia at sunset:

          The Blue Mosque at Sundown  

Prints and framed images can be purchased here:

I was in Istanbul during Ramadan and although that makes for an interesting cultural experience from a photographic point of view it ain't all that as you can see from the above picture of The Blue Mosque has a neon signs draped over it. You could say this adds to the picture and you might be right...I'm kind of on the fence about it but think i would prefer the neons not to be there.

watch out at the moment if you're planning to go (June 2018) as there is a lot of scaffolding and restorations going on at the moment, obviously these are necessary but try telling that to a photographer!


Whinging about the scaffolding aside Istanbul is amazing for photography...there are so many high view points and hotels (who are suprisingly happy for you to take pictures from their terrace (well most of them).

I do a lot of research when taking pictures, before and during my visit which is time consuming but well worth it..I use every resource I have and talk to a lot of people to try to find a hidden gem but Google is always your best friend and you can find pretty much everything you need there if you know where and how to look.

                                                       Istanbul from The Marmara Hotel:                                         

                                   Istanbul from                 

Istanbul is Mosque heavy for sure but they are so beautiful why wouldn't you want to take pictures of them?


                                                                                    Sunset in Istanbul:                                                                         

          Istanbul at Sunset  


                       Managed to find a Mosqueless shot...! Taksim Tram:                                     

          The Taksim Tram     



    The Galata Tower was my favourite view of the city and I tried them all! Every rooftop bar and hotel terrace and the pictures from Galata were the

                                                                                           best so put it on your list!


                                                                                               Sunset from The Galata Tower:

       Istanbul from The Galata Tower       

                                          all photos taken by Matt Cooper with a Nikon D850.



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Hastings - drones and fishing When the boat comes in...The Crew of the Clara-june return home after a day's fishing.

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